• id you know that we spend close to 300 minutes per day with family when we’re children, but this time drops down to around 50 minutes when we’re adults?

    Some daughters may feel like their moms are a little overbearing when they’re younger, but these relationships tend to evolve into a special friendship as adults. You may not live with your mom as an adult now, but maintaining a close relationship with her throughout your life can enrich you like no other relationship. No one will look out for you like your mom always has and always will.

    Whether you’re looking for sweet Mother’s Day activities, birthday celebrations, or ideas to spruce up any regular day, we’ve got you covered. Read on to explore 22 outstanding mother-daughter date ideas that will make you and your mom light up.

    1. Cook Your Mom’s Favorite Childhood Meal

    Lots of adults always feel nostalgic for their childhood comfort foods. Even if your mom wasn’t a master chef, the way that she made grilled cheese sandwiches for you probably tastes better than anything you could try to recreate. If you want to take care of your mom the way she took care of you, you should ask her what her favorite meal was during her childhood.

    This will be a special experience that neither one of you will forget. Your mom can feel like a kid again and you can learn more about her as a person rather than just a mother. You may end up with a new recipe that you love and you can think about your mom whenever you prepare it.